Wu at Mobile, right-back/midfielder, is working hard for an MBA Master Degree, which will be granted two years later. PS: after getting a license, his driving style is really BIAO HAN.
Song at Telecom, attacking midfielder who now regularly forced to overwork over weekends, has travelled to Hangzhou to spend the New Year holidays Dec. 31 – Jan. 3 with girl friends (NOTICE: friends – “sentimental” Song insists [and pressurizes me] that I should write like this).
Xia, center-back, has returned from his learning in the U.S. for holidays in China.
Jin at Unicom, defensive midfielder, recently travelled to Xinjiang with someone and got many stunning pics.
Geng, “defensive forward,” – so-called as he always wasted golden goaling chances by making BU KAO PU(er) shots (for true defenders, it’s called DA JIAO JIE WEI)…, so he is, sometimes, actually a full-back of the opponent, standing behind their backs, in front of their GK…) – is now at a famous Chinese banking firm.
Liu, best GK (and sometimes forward, if the team needed him to do so), has developed a new career in a state-run nuclear energy firm.
Lu, forward, captain and top scorer of the dream team, got married (according to Song). He is at one of the BIG FOUR accounting firms, world wide.
Huang, key (and strong) replacement, is working at a Canadian firm earning money from both Chinese and foreigners.
Wang, key (and legendary…) replacement, who made an unbelievable own goal in his first match together with all of us, now works at Siemens.
Zhang, the most creative player/star and so-called free-kick expert, has his dream come true, recently starting a new career at one of the top art design firms in the U.K. Congratulations!
As for Universal Zen, left-back/midfielder (formerly Z5, Bian Lu Xiao Tiao Tiao – or interpreted as an “impressive left forward”), he is at present struggling for better career development and better form in the Fantasy Premier League…
Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends and Families: For you and all your families, all the very best for 2011, the year of the Rabbit!

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2 Responses to CLASS 9 AT A GLANCE

  1. x说道:

    a bit over the top about me baby.
    ‘Bian Lu Xiao Tiao Tiao – or interpreted as an “impressive left forward”’
    -it should be tra[n]slated as ‘a little Flea who jumps around the sideline, who is very enthusiastic but somehow not very effective’ hahaha


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